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Let's build something to make a difference
and let's do it together

We are peachIO (peach-eye-oh) — a tech-social startup lab focused on creating and facilitating projects, products, and multi-media that work toward more personal approaches to business and increase visibility for marginalized groups

We’re based in Savannah, Georgia and we use things like art, service design, technology, and media in unconventional and innovative ways to network people and increase visibility for the sake of equality and human betterment


peachIO LabWorks creates exciting new projects that help push more personal business and visibility of marginalized groups


peachIO Foundation creates and facilitates exciting projects that promote change and growth for marginalized groups and people by combining art, science, and technology with activism and safe spaces

We built peachIO on some fundamental beliefs

Art and technology

We believe in art and technology and their unique abilities to promote change and help people grow, learn, live, and succeed in whatever they do.

Community + Networking

We believe in community and the strength of people in groups with a shared passion.

We believe in the power of communication and networking.

Niche Groups

We believe in niche groups (or “markets”)  and their validity and power.


We believe in visibility and the importance it has to any movement. We believe in increasing visibility of marginalized groups to help them grow and succeed.


We believe in equality and justice regardless of age, national origin, faith, gender, romantic, and sexual identities, race, color, and creed.

We believe people have the right to feel safe, feel attended to, and be happy.

We believe in empowerment of people.

Art + Design

We believe in good design and good service that respects the consumer and the environment in which it resides.

Small Business + Transparency

We believe in transparent small business and the beneficial effects small business can have on a community of any size.

The intersection of all these points is where peachIO creates awesome things with love and respect

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